Quiraing on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Northern Europe: Best Places to Go in 2017

Asking us to choose which of our destinations we think is best is an impossible task…we love them all! But if you’re in need of some serious inspiration for new places to explore in Northern Europe, the annual “best of” lists by the world’s leading travel publications are a good place to start.

This year, the lists all point to a yearning for quiet and relaxation, with a special focus on underrated destinations that offer great value for the money. In addition to a few of our usual Nordic Visitor hotspots making the cut for 2017, we’re thrilled to see some of our more “off the radar” destinations getting some well deserved attention.

The biggest winners? Scotland and Finland. These two Nordic Visitor destinations are on the lips of every travel editor these days…and for good reason. Below we break down the reasons behind the rankings and throw in our own local travel tips as well. Continue reading…

My Lofoten: Charming Villages & Dramatic Landscapes

Lofoten, an archipelago above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, is well known for its natural beauty, unique light conditions and idyllic villages with rustic fishermen huts. The Lofoten archipelago is an inspiration for photographers and artists. In the winter when daylight hours are short, Lofoten is an excellent place for viewing the northern lights, perhaps from the deck of a sightseeing cruise or while enjoying a fine dinner of local seafood.

Petra and Sindre, Icelandic natives and two of our Nordic Visitor travel experts based in Reykjavik, stopped in to the blog to tell us about their adventurous work trip to Lofoten. Continue reading…

Photo of the Month: South Iceland Winter Adventure

Winter is a special time in South Iceland. While many travellers come for the chance to see northern lights flickering in the sky, the light across the land can be just as beautiful. Think about vast glaciers, cascading waterfalls and towering mountains bathed in warm winter light against an icy landscape.

Niklas Hansson, our Nordic Photo of the Month winner for February 2017, and his wife Carolina recently travelled on Nordic Visitor‘s South Iceland at Leisure-Winter self drive tour. The couple from England spent 7 days exploring the classic Golden Circle route, the glacial Skaftafell area, the haunting black sand beaches of Vík and the geothermal hotspots along the Reykjanes peninsula.

We caught up with Niklas to ask a few questions below about his recent trip. Continue reading…

Lapland Husky Adventure: Photo of the Month

Lapland is a dream destination for many travel enthusiasts. A region of pure wonder and adventure, the stark white winters provide the ideal backdrop for dog-sledding, as well as snowmobiling and northern lights hunting!

Mike Frost, our first Nordic Photo of the Month winner for 2017, had a blast experiencing the rugged beauty of the unique Lapland landscapes during Nordic Visitor‘s 4-day Husky Tour in the Wilderness of Lapland. We caught up with Mike to ask a few questions about his recent trip. Continue reading…

Icelandic Yule Lads at Dimmuborgir

Christmas in Iceland with the Yule Lads

Christmas folklore In Iceland, like its food, language and landscapes, is a bit more extreme than in neighbouring Nordic countries. While Scandinavia has its fill of unique Yuletide traditions (for example, the “Sauna Elf” in Finland) Iceland takes the prize for having the most hair-raising Christmas creatures.

Instead of just getting a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, Iceland has the 13 Yule Lads (Jólasveinar) who descend from the mountains to wreak mischief in the nights leading up to Jólin (Christmas).

Yule Lads at Iceland National Museum

Each December, the Yule Lads come to visit children at the National Museum of Iceland in Reykjavik. (Photo: Mbl.is/IcelandMonitor.is)

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